Perfect Linen
Perfect Linen

Perfect Linen

119,00 €

A Cross blazer with a masculine and carefree cut. 6 wooden buttons (yes, wood!) The iconic look of PARIS /64. Gold piece on the lapel with the brand logo

Very special linen blazer that transforms this classic print into the must-have of the season

Colour: Red Stripes //Sizes: S-M and M-L

MADE IN SPAIN: Limited Edition


LIMITED EDITION: we manufacture capsule collections. We create very few units of each model to be a very special piece in your wardrobe, treasure collector. Our mission: to look for fabrics that fall in love with the world to design blazers that remove the sense

Size guide:

S-M (chest: 82-92 //waist: 62-72)

M-L (chest: 92-102 //waist: 72-82)

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