PARIS/64 is a dream come true since 2017. I am María Alfonso, Gemini crazy about Design, Fashion, Marketing and Photography. Lover of Paris, summer evenings, deep conversation and laughter, coffee, the vintage world.

I had a stable life, after studying Law and Business Administration and with a solid background in Marketing departments of several multinationals, but I decided to leave everything and launch myself, launch myself to CREATE and THRILL.

I felt that a MADE IN SPAIN brand with timeless products of great quality and that had that something special, that retro vintage Parisian touch, that je ne sais quoi was missing ...

PARIS changed my life: a walk on the Seine marked a before and after, the beginning of a great adventure.
6 + 4 = 10, perfection.
6 is the month of June, like good passionate Gemini and 4, the month of April, when our lives crossed.

All the pieces fit to launch PARIS/64


PARIS / 64 is a handmade and responsible MADE IN SPAIN brand with the highest quality leather and fabrics. With classic inspiration and retro vintage Parisian spirit.

All our BAGS are handmade in Ubrique, a small town in Cádiz (Spain).

Each bag has numerous details that you will have to discover, for example, the corners are hand painted! They are timeless, high quality renovated classic designs designed to last.

Our SHOES are manufactured in Alicante by hand with the best finishes and double gel insole to achieve maximum COMFORT.

And our BLAZERS are manufactured in different Spanish workshops with LIMITED EDITION fabrics. We create very few units of each model to make it a very special piece in your closet, as a treasure collector.


All our bags have an inner lining that is born from an illustration made in watercolor.

Our inspiration is a mixture between the hydraulic floor of modernism, the mosaics and the classic touch of a Parisian portal. We wanted each design to have a unique brushstroke, a hallmark.


We design for women with #BAGGYATTITUDE

The "Baggy" attitude could be summed up as "relaxed", the attitude of a natural, freedomlover, cosmopolitan, hardworking, self-confident, passionate, vintagelover and traveler woman.

And you, are you a woman with #baggyattitude?


PARIS/64 is a brand that strongly believes in the WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. Women are essential in the change of society, we have to fight to ensure that all girls have the possibility of achieving their dreams.

Therefore, we collaborate with Plan International NGO. We donate € 1 for each product sold on the website for your GIRLS GET EQUAL campaign.

“We want to feel heard, valued and free and, for that, we are creating a new world with new rules. We will not stop until we are respected and feel represented in all institutions, until we can move around the city and claim our rights without fear. We will not stop until we are FREE ”

We are very proud to be a brand with SOUL, SOUL to change the future of girls.

© Plan International © Patrick Kaplin